What sometimes appears to be discipline is actually restriction...
What sometimes looks like perfection is actually the result of unrelenting pressure...
What sometimes is misrepresented as beautiful can lead to a fear of unworthiness...

As a culture, a lot of emphasis is put on appearance and what society deems to be acceptable for a given season. Unfortunately, this unattainable sense of "beauty" often centers around thinness, which has put immense pressure on women to reach impossible standards. From photo-shopped images in the media to continuous fad dieting, women of all ages are subject to the tension of becoming the unique person they were created to be while being compared to the mold that society constructed for them.


There is no single cause for an Eating Disorder; however, a common theme centers upon intense emotions, attitudes, and behaviors regarding weight and food. Whether there is a fear of weight gain that has led to food restriction, or a shame about food consumption that has led to unhealthy compensatory behaviors, it is my hope that all those who experience complicated relationships with food and their bodies would seek refuge from the never ending cycle of self-abuse.

I would be honored if you would allow me to join you on this journey to discovering the treasure that you already are and the freedom you were meant to experience.


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