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Jenny's Direct Line: 281-846-4480


In 2006, while completing my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Houston (Main Campus), I began recognizing that my heart was shifting towards a career as a therapist. Since my degree had already set me on a different course, I spent some time pursuing it in more traditional approaches for that field. After gaining a fair amount of professional experience, I knew it was time to return to school. I completed my Master’s in Family Therapy from the University of Houston (Clear Lake) in 2012. I started my practice at that time, and since then, I have also become a State Approved Supervisor of Marriage and Family Therapy Interns. This allows me to equip new therapists in their journey to becoming caring, authentic professionals who also inspire clients to achieve their goals.

Much of my work has focused upon the treatment of Eating Disorders and Body-Image struggles. In a culture where thinness is prized over all, it’s easy to see how many individuals will struggle with issues of this nature. I care deeply about helping my clients discover their own inherent worth and beauty in a way that empowers them to believe these truths for themselves. It is always an honor to watch a client connect to their freedom in a way that fully transforms their life and future.

While many individuals recognize that they might need some outside help, it can take a lot of courage to take that first step towards getting it. Often times I will share with my clients that I’ve “been on both sides of the couch”, which is to say that I know what therapy is like as a client, first-hand. While that doesn’t mean I know everyone’s experience of therapy, it does have a way of setting the tone for our meetings together – you’re not alone, and while the process can feel overwhelming at times, therapy is a healthy, normal, and meaningful journey to embark upon. Take a deep breath, and take your first step by calling today.  

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