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Therapy Sessions

It takes a lot of courage to begin the recovery process, but every step counts. In Individual Therapy Sessions, we will spend our time working through the various ways your emotions may have felt confusing or misleading for you. No assumptions will be made about who you are or what you're going through, but rather we will use these sessions to journey together to reach the goals you would like to set for yourself in your recovery. 

Click to schedule your 60 minute Individual Therapy Session.​​​​

Couple & Family
Therapy Sessions

Self-worth, body-image, and Eating Disorder struggles have a way of affecting more than just one person - they radiate out to other loved ones and can have profound effects on relationships. But what could be perceived as a negative can also be utilized as a strength in recovery. Throughout the treatment of these issues, Couple and/or Family Therapy Sessions are commonly integrated to help establish ongoing support and allow others to have their own voice in the treatment process.

Click to schedule your 75 minute Couple/Family Therapy Sessions.

*It is our professional belief that those in need of therapy should receive it. If session costs are the only reason keeping you from
beginning the treatment process, please discuss this in your Initial Phone Consultation which is at no cost to you. 

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